The Historic Baldwin Radio Factory


3474 S 2300 East

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Nathaniel Baldwin, the inventor of headphones, constructed the building in 1922 to produce headphones, speakers, and other radio equipment. At one time it employed over 300 people, and was powered by an electrical generator on Millcreek that he designed. Baldwin was a generous employer who paid high wages and even built 12 bungalows along nearby Evergreen Avenue to house some of his employees. Although he remained monogomous, he believed in plural marriage and employed at his factory many of the founders of the polygamous sects that are still practicing it today. Baldwin at one time employed Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television, and local legend has it that Farnsworth built some early prototypes in Baldwin’s factory. Another notable employee was James B. Lansing, inventor and founder of JBL speakers, who worked at the factory around 1925. Baldwin’s company fell casualty to the Great Depression, and the building became a home for his family during the 1930s. Since then the building has found various uses and tenants, including the International Institute of Hair Design and Radius Engineering, from the 1960s to the 1990s. In 1996 it was acquired by Kevin Flynn, who has since renovated the building into the art space that it is today, with 16 art studios, a yoga/massage studio (Vitalize), a funky furnishings store (The Old Flamingo), a hip cafe (Roots Cafe), a furniture restoration shop (C. Timm Custom Furniture), and gift shop (Urbanscrap). Open houses/Art Strolls are routinely held where the public is invited to meet the artists and see their latest and greatest artistic creations. A schedule of upcoming events is listed on the calendar menu tab. Please plan to come!

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