The Millcreek Arts Council voted unanimously on July 13th, 2021 to take a stance against the City’s proposal to have three digital billboards installed (via an agreement with Reagan Outdoor Advertising, ROA) at the Millcreek City Center (currently under construction).

We have decided to take this public stance as an organization for the following reasons:

Digital billboards are not in alignment with our current city plan nor are they part of our city’s motto ‘Connected by Nature’. As such, we do not believe that digital billboards will follow the desired culture and aesthetic our community has agreed upon. In fact, we worry that digital billboards will be distracting, intrusive, and take away from the culture of our city.

In addition to our concerns with the digital component of these signs, we feel that the size of these proposed billboards (28×12 feet) and the suggested number of signs placed (3 signs with two sides each) is excessive and out of scale for the design of our city center. Every 8-seconds a new advertisement will flash on the proposed billboard; two of the signs will run 24-hours and one will be on every hour except midnight to 5 am. 

We would like to work with Millcreek City to support our community’s events and arts. However, we do not agree with the position that three digital billboards are required for the Millcreek City Center events to be successful. 

We agree with the Millcreek Planning Commission that it would be in the city’s best interest to slow down this process (Near the end of the meeting, starting at 2:07:00) to find alternative solutions to decrease our billboard square footage without needing to use excess taxpayer dollars and also without needing to make a 40-year agreement to have three digital billboards housed in our city. We do not agree with the city attempting to change ordinances in order to make this deal with Reagan Outdoor Advertising happen. 

We ask that the city reconsider their position to install three digital billboards. 

We ask that any resident concerned about this issue to reach out to their city council representative this week. The Planning Commission Public Hearing is being held Wednesday (9/16) at 4:50PM to take public comments and vote on this issue.

Millcreek, District 1 – Silvia Catten,

East Millcreek, District 2: Dwight Marchant,

Canyon Rim, District 3: Cheri Jackson,

Mount Olympus, District 4: Bev Uipi,


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